Tell me and I will forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin

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What Your Peers Are Saying

NEJAC/NSC is committed to providing, maintaining, and encouraging a safe and healthy learning environment for all participants. NSC’s training courses meet the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Fair Housing Council of Orange County Lea's positive attitude made me feel comfortable which allowed me to gravitate towards the learning. I felt motivated in an on-line setting and it was not boring.

- Ellen Mendez

Mortgage Default Counseling In enjoyed the instructor's presentation and knowledge. The best part was the suggested exam strategies for topic mastery.

- Karen J Oldfin

Agency Loan Services Counseling The relaxed, welcoming atmosphere [...] made it easy to learn and ask questions

- Megan Waller

MCOP I really enjoyed the whole course. I took my HUD Certification on Monday 2/28 and passed solely because of this training!

- Hannah Bates

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Neighborhood Assistance Corporation Of America (NACA)

NACA'S ADVOCACY - The mortgage crisis is the result of unbelievable greed and exploitation by Wall Street and the largest financial institutions. While the major lenders in America and the world try to blame the homeowners, it is clear that they provided mortgages to working people that were structured to fail.

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NACA’s Best in America Mortgage

The NACA Home Purchase program helps thousands achieve the dream of lasting homeownership every year.

NACA can help you become a homeownerNACA can help you keep your home